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  • The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the principles and candidates of the Republican Party, believing that Party to be the most effective to promote, those principles and policies of government which are suited for the best interest of the people of Mt. Olive Township.

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    Alex Roman -President

    Joe Ouimet- Vice President

    Scott Sargent- Secretary


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    MT. OLIVE REPUBLICAN CLUB, Mt. Olive Township, New Jersey


    The official name of this organization shall be: MT. OLIVE REPUBLICAN CLUB.


    The purpose of this club shall be to advocate, promote and support the principles of the

    Republican Party and to support only Republican candidates in the general elections on the

    national, state, county and local levels.


    • Section 1. Requirements for Membership :Membership shall be available to all individuals who support the Republican Party and are registered Republicans.
    • Section 2. Dues: The annual dues for membership shall be as recommended by the Executive Committee anapproved by, the membership at their December meeting.
    • Section 3. Patent of Dues : Dues shall become due and payable during January of each year, Full dues shall be payable by new members joining anytime during the year.
    • Officers may not hold office unless they are members is good standing.
    • A member in good standing constitutes one who has paid current year dues and supports the Republican Party.



    • Section 1. Officers

    The officers of this club shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice

    President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and (3) three members

    of the Board of Trustees. No person shall hold more then one office of the Club at any given


    • Section 2. Term of Office

    The officers shall be elected for a period of (1) one year or until their successors have

    been elected and qualified. No elected officer may serve more than two consecutive full

    annual terms in the same office with the exception of the Treasurer. Section 3. Board of

    Trustees The Board of Trustees shall consist of (3) three members. One member will be the

    immediate Past President of the Club. One member will be the Chairperson of the Mt. Olive

    Republican County Committee, and the last member will be elected by the club membership

    for a one year term. In the event, the immediate Past President or Mt. Olive Republican

    County Committee Chairperson cannot serve, that person's replacement will be selected by

    the Executive Committee.

    • Section 3a. Duties

    The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the Recruitment and Nominating of

    Club officers. The Board of Trustees shall submit a single slate of candidates for the elective

    offices at the October meeting.

    Section 4. Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected

    officers of the Club and the Board of Trustees.

    • Section 4a. Duties

    The Executive Committee shall fill all vacancies in the elective offices that occur between

    elections, with the exception of the President who shall be replaced by the 151 Vice President.

    The Executive Committee may make decisions on expenditures of funds not exceeding two

    thousand dollars ($2,000.00).

    The Executive Committee shall prepare a calendar of the year's activities and present

    it to the club membership at the February meeting.

    The Executive Committee shall be responsible to replace any elected officer who

    does not carry out or is unable to carry out the duties of his (her) office.

    • Section 5. Duties of the elected officers

    The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Board of Trustees.

    The President shall chair all club meetings and Executive Committee meetings.

    The President shall be responsible for the proper functioning of all Committees and Boards.

    The President shall also see to it that all elected officers are carrying out their duties.

    1st Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence and shall serve as

    Chairman Of the Ways and Means Committee.

    2nd Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President

    and 1st Vice President and shall be responsible for Programs, Activities and Speakers.

    2nd Vice President shall serve as Chairman of the Membership Committee.

    Recording Secretary shall record and read the minutes of all regular, special and Executive

    Board meetings and maintain them in a binder.

    Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for notifying paid club members of all

    Meetings notifying newspapers of any special events, and handling all club related


    Treasurer shall be custodian of club funds which shall be deposited in the bank designated

    by the Executive Committee and present a written statement of account at each meeting of

    the Executive Board and Club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for providing the State of

    New Jersey with all financial disclosure documents. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all

    contributions to the Club over the last (5) five years which will be used by the Ways and

    Means Committee for mailing for the Club's fund raisers.


    • Section l. Nominating Committee

    The Board of Trustees shall present a single slate of candidates for elective office to the

    President at the October Executive Committee meeting.

    • Section 2. Election
    • The election of officers will take place at the November regular meeting or in the absence

    of a November meeting at the next regular meeting held. Nominations will be open to the

    floor. If there are any contested elective offices, elections shall be by closed ballot and duly

    elected officers shall take office the first meeting in January.

    • Section 3. Voting Qualifications

    All persons must be members in good standing sixty ( 60) days prior to elections.


    The club shall operate on a January 1 though December 31 fiscal year.


    • Section 1. Regular Meeting
    • The regular meeting of the club shall be the first Wednesday of the month promptly at 8:00

    p.m. Regular meetings shall be held in January, February, March, April, May, June,

    September, October, November, and December at a site selected by the President. The

    regular meeting night may be changed by: (A) a majority vote of the members present and

    voting at any meeting or (B) at the discretion of the President.

    • Section 2. Special Meetings Special meetings shall be held at the request of the President.

    Members shall be notified of the meeting date and subject of the meeting by the secretary at

    least three (3) days in advance.

    • Section 3. Executive Meetings

    Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at a time and place determined by the


    Section 4. Quorum

    A quorum for the club shall be 10 members including elected officers until membership

    exceeds 100%. If or when that occurs, a quorum shall be 10% of paid membership in good



    Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern all proceedings except where

    inconsistent with the provision of these By-Laws.

    Any amendments of these by-laws shall be proposed by either 1) a petition signed by

    a majority of the voting members of the club; or 2) by recommendation of the Executive

    Committee. The amendments shall be considered adopted when approved by a vote of 2/3 of

    the members present at the next regular club meeting.


    • Section 1. Primary Candidates

    The club shall not endorse candidates in the primary election.

    • Section. 2. Campaigning

    This club shall actively campaign for and support all nominated Republican candidates who

    are running in local, county, state and national general elections.

    • Section 3. Expenditure of Funds

    Any expenditure of funds exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) shall bemadeon1yby

    a majority of members in good standing who are present at a monthly meeting.

    • Section 4. Effective Date

    By-Laws take effect at the first club meeting following the acceptance of these By-Laws.


  • June  Meeting
    June Meeting
    Posted: 09/16/2016
    When: 06/20/2018

     Please join us for our monthly social meeting. 7:00PM

    Enzo's Pizza

    382 US Highway 46. Budd Lake, NJ 07828 (973) 691-1330.

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