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About Us
  • The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the principles and candidates of the Republican Party, believing that Party to be the most effective to promote, those principles and policies of government which are suited for the best interest of the people of Mt. Olive Township.

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    Alex Roman -President

    Joe Ouimet- Vice President

    Scott Sargent- Secretary


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    Our Bi-Laws

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    Township Committee Members

     as of June 2018

    Name District
    Donn Heinrich 1
    Dick Kamin 1
    Laurel Ann Kamin 1
    Norma A Licitra 2
    Paul R Lacitra 2
    Open 3
    Open 3
    Kimberly A Sargent 4
    Scott A Sargent 4
    Janet Logan 5
    John Kehmna 5
    Open 6
    Hank Titone 6
    Open 7
    Open 7
    David Scapicchio 8
    Kim Mott 8
    Tara W Lauterbach 9
    Tim Steel 9
    Doug Boyer 10
    Phyliss Gentile 10
    Chester M Stephens 11
    Open 11
    Mary Lalama 12
    Raymond Santos 12
    John Ferrante 13
    Lynn Ferrante 13
    Jeanne Rattner 14
    Steven Rattner 14
    Open 15
    Open 15
    Elizabeth Cutter 16
    Gerald Sheard 16
    David Mauro 17
    Melissa Mauro 17
    Open 18
    Michele Sullivan 18
    Charlie Onorvele 19
    Mary Gallagher 19
    Daniel Amianda 20
    Helena Amianda 20
    Alex Roman 21
    Lourdes Porter 21
    Christopher DeFullippis 22
    Brie DeFullippis 22



  • June  Meeting
    June Meeting
    Posted: 09/16/2016
    When: 06/20/2018

     Please join us for our monthly social meeting. 7:00PM

    Enzo's Pizza

    382 US Highway 46. Budd Lake, NJ 07828 (973) 691-1330.

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