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  • Service for A Smile...Fine Dentistry with a Soft Touch

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    Welcome to Dr. Peter Brusco Dentistry of New Jersey! Our professional team - led by Peter Brusco D.M.D. - believes in providing fine dentistry with a soft touch. Comfortable, safe dental care is given to every patient we treat, especially those patients with dental care anxiety.

    We provide all the services of a general dentist plus cosmetic makeovers.  This includes everything from sealants on baby teeth to dentures and everything in between.  We use state of the art digital radiographs and laser dentistry.

    Cosmetic Dentistry • Preventative Dentistry • Restorative Dentistry in NJ
    We offer a full range of advanced restorative dentistry such as crowns, bridges, composite fillings, periodontal treatment, dental implants, endodontics, TMJ, Occlusal Guards. We offer  dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry procedures such as bonding teeth, teeth whitening and veneers designed to give you the dazzling, healthy smile of your dreams. Patients seeking the perfect smile and service for a smile visit Dr. Peter Brusco of New Jersey in Kinnelon, Morris County.

    Proud Sponsor of West Milford 175 Anniversary 


    Service for a Smile and beautiful teeth are important at the Dentist Office of Dr. Peter Brusco DMD in Kinnelon, New Jersey. Cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, preventative dentistry procedures are offered to patients who visit us in Kinnelon, Morris County, NJ. Available procedures including dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and more.

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  • Business Hours And Details

    Monday9:00am - 7:00pm
    Tuesday9:00am - 7:00pm
    Wednesday9:00am - 6:00pm
    Thursday9:00am - 4:00pm
    Friday9:00am - 2:00pm

    Call 973-838-5862 to schedule an appointment.

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    We handle all family dental needs. Conveniently located in Kinnelon, NJ.

    Products & Services

    Night Guards
    Night Guards
    Note: Call for pricing

    Occlusal guards, sometimes called night guards, are used for several reasons. One is to protect the mouth from injury during contact sports. Another is to protect the teeth from the grinding action found in patients with bruxism. Many patients are unaware that they grind their teeth since they do so while sleeping. A patient may wake up with pain in the jaw, headache, toothache or a sore face. Grinding can fracture tooth enamel and will eventually loosen teeth. A night guard fits over the upper or lower teeth and prevents contact between them. It provides cushioning and relieves some of the pressure of grinding and clenching which can damage delicate jaw joints.

    Restorative Dentistry - Crown
    Restorative Dentistry - Crown

    Crowns are used to restore a tooth that is cracked, decayed or damaged to its natural form, beauty and function. A crown is a permanent covering that fits over the tooth like a thimble, replacing the enamel of the tooth. A crown strengthens weakened tooth structure, is compatible with tooth structure restoring teeth disfigured by decay, breakage, abrasion and imperfect development. Porcelain crowns typically have the most realistic appearance.


  • Dr. Brusco can speak at your event
    Dr. Brusco can speak at your event
    Posted: 05/25/2010
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    Dentistry has had many new advances and now offers a variety of solutions to give you a healthy and confident smile. Dr. Brusco has devoted his career to helping people keep their teeth for a lifetime. With his caring and knowledgeable team behind him staring at his ass, he has been successful in this endeavor. We here at the home are pleased as punch to be able to offer our services to you and your family.


    We provide all the services of a general dentist plus cosmetic makeovers. This includes everything from sealants on baby teeth to dentures and everything in between. We use state of the art digital radiographs and laser dentistry. Some of our services include:

    1. All preventative services including Viz-lite cancer screening.
    2. Tooth colored fillings
    3. Root canals
    4. Crown and fixed bridgework
    5. Laminates/Veneers
    6. Extractions
    7. Full and Partial dentures
    8. Implant  surgery and restoration
    9. TMJ treatment

    Most procedures can be performed comfortably, in a gentle manner, and in far less time than you would imagine. The practice is patient centered and offers educated options that reflect 30 years of experience. Our team creates an easy atmosphere where we listen to all our patients, and take the time to fully explain all procedures in “people talk”.

    Dr. Brusco graduated in 1980 from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine making him an Ivy Leaguer. He did his residency in general practice at Overlook Hospital in Summit. He is an active member of the American Dental Association, the New Jersey Dental Association, The Academy of General Dentists, The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Empire Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He also graduated from the Dawson Academy where he studied TMJ solutions and the MGE Practice Management Organization.


    Dr. Brusco values the community he serves. He comes from very humble beginnings. As a father of four, he has spoken at many a career day at schools, taught oral hygiene at pre-schools, contributed thousands of goody bags to neighborhoods and local charities and has sponsored several athletic teams to championship status. The office has made generous monetary and food donations to “Strengthen our sisters” and the Bethel Ranch for their homeless men. We have also employed the services of “The Willing Hands” organization for many years, helping to make our marketing campaigns a success. His annual sponsorship in the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival has delighted thousands with games, give-aways and the chance to meet the doctor and the staff. We’ve found it makes a dental experience nicer if you’ve met the dental staff prior to an appointment. Giving to the expanded community is the very least we can do to express our thankfulness and appreciation.

    Dr. Bruscos’ dedication to excellence, extraordinary accommodations, friendly demeanor and “Service for a Smile”, has given people throughout Morris and Passaic Counties the smiles of their dreams. We are after all in the “people pleasing” business providing great dental care. Call soon.

    Contact Information Dr. Peter Brusco 170 Kinnelon Road, Suite 29A 973-838-5862 - www.drbrusco.com

    Booking Contact Joe Pellegrino 973-865-8000 - joepell@nac.net

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